Youth Activities

Youth Activities at the Florida Air Museum

The Discovery Zone

Have a blast in The Discovery Zone located inside the Florida Air Museum! Play with interactive science games, aviation toys, and dress up like an astronaut!

The Jerry Holland Playground

Sheltair Aviation and the Aerospace Center for Excellence are ecstatic to present the brand-new Jerry Holland Destination: Aviation Playground!

This playground is the paved way toward making future aviation dreams come true! It is equipped with shaded swings, spring riders, and an atom spinner. The STEM activities incorporated into the main play structure allow kids to learn the parts of an airplane, see firsthand how an engine works, explore the concepts of roll, pitch, and yaw, and so much more! This playground is FREE to all Florida Air Museum patrons.


Come join us as we bring stories to life and create amazing, interactive learning experiences for our Junior ACE's - exploring the universe, one adventure at a time!

StoryTime is FREE. Access to the Florida Air Museum AND the Jerry Holland Destination: Aviation Playground is included!

Please click below for StoryTime Dates as we take breaks throughout the year for various holidays and the SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo.

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